212 the Extra Degree by S.L. Parker and Mac Anderson

212 the Extra Degree by S.L. Parker and Mac Anderson
Many people don’t know this but the difference between hot water and boiling water is just one degree. When water is at 211 degrees, it’s simply very hot water. When the water reaches 212 degrees, it begins to boil and it produces steam. This is the difference that the author Mac Anderson encourages the reader to explore in his book, 212 The Extra Degree, by Mac Anderson. The premise of the book is that if the reader simply applies themselves even a little bit more, then they can realize their dreams, and or perform at a much higher capacity then they ever thought possible.

For example, when it comes to business, someone might want a promotion, or they might want to achieve a professional dream. They might have stressed and strived over their their dreams and plans for years. But, they might be the employee that no matter how hard they’ve tried, no matter how often they’ve come into work early, have stayed late, or no matter how much education they might have, they can’t reach their goals. 212 The Extra Degree by Mac Anderson will motivate such a person to explore what going just a little bit further will do for them. The book will make such a person explore what they can do to go the extra degree to realize their plans and their dreams.

This not only applies to employees, but this can apply to business owners as well. It has been said that 90 percent of all businesses fail in the first year. This fact could scare a new business owner to death. However, if this business owner could find the way to make it past the pitfalls, or if they could find a way to hang in there during the rough learning curves of the first year or two, they might find that they are one of the luck 10 percent of people that could survive in their businesses past the first year. The book 212 The Extra Mile by Mac Anderson could be the catalyst for a business owner who needs a motivational push.

The secret in the message of 212 The Extra Degree by Mac Anderson is that so many times, a person might believe that they need to accomplish leaps and bounds to achieve their goals and desires. But in many instances, leaps and bounds aren’t needed. Sometimes, just one more small step is what is needed to go to the next level, or to achieve one’s goals and desires. When a person feels like giving up, they simply need to hold on, stay focused, and keep running the race. When a person feels like hitting the wall, that’s the time that they need to keep going just a little bit more. This can make the difference between winning and losing.

This is a book for those who need motivation to keep on moving forward, and for those who need to know that even one more small step forward might be just the step that they need to take.

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