3 Reasons Why Dr Who is So Popular

3 Reasons Why Dr Who is So Popular

The British Broadcasting Company keep on bringing Dr Who back to the TV, every time they bring it back people fall in love with the Dr all over again.

So why is Dr Who so popular?

1 – Shared Family Memories
As our lives get more and more crazy we tend to have less shared family moments, your teenage daughter is in her bedroom on her cell phone, your son is in the basement playing his Xbox or Playstation and you are watching the latest sports news or doing some extra work.

There are very few programs that bring the whole family together and keep them all interested. Dr Who achieves that as it not only has adventure and comedy in every episode it also pulls at the parents memory of being a kid.

2 – What If?
All ages like the what if angle, what if you really could travel through time? The conversations all round the country are similar, where would you go and why? In this modern age of high tech and just about every piece of information being available online it is good to still have some mystery and have something to talk about as a family.

3 – He Isn’t A Superhero
Most of the films and TV shows we watch are about super heroes, maybe they can fly, maybe they have some amazing amount of strength. No matter how wonderful he is there is no way you would ever mistake the Dr for a superhero, usually he comes across as a bit of a nerd or geek and that is another good point for many of his fans.

If you are a fan of the TV shows that are being shown right now well why not take some time to look at the older episodes, I can almost guarantee it will give your kids a laugh.

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