A Lesson from 33

A Lesson from 33

I believe that we all have choices that determine our experience. We can see the positive, or we can see the negative. Both are present at all times, along with a myriad of shared of grey between the two.  What we see depends on which path we decide to see. It all depends on our choice.  That’s a simple lesson in Quantum Theory by the way:)

Yet when the times get tough our natural reaction isn’t to take responsibility for our lives – to choose a different perception and therefore create a different reality.  When something unfair hits us – like an economic dip, a personal hardship or shocking event – we tend to blame others, acts of nature, or God.

But what happens when we don’t choose to wallow in the negative, even in tough times.  What if instead we focus on seeing the positive – even in supposedly hopeless situations?

We can change our experience.

That’s what the miners in Chile taught each of us. Want a kick in the butt ‘act of nature’?  That surely qualifies. The miners could have given up hope, blamed the mining company, turned on each other during their ~70 days trapped in a tiny space in the dark. They could have chosen to go negative – and create a disastrously negative situation. If anyone has a right to do just that – it’s those 33 men.

They chose the light.

They chose faith, hope and each other.  Together, they focused on the positive – for themselves, their families and the world in general. They didn’t just survive – they thrived, as much as they could. They bonded and supported each other, growing as men and comrades because of their horrible situation.  By doing so – they inspired the world at a moment when we so need inspiration.

Many of us have been glued to our screens watching their rescue.  We shared their joy when that first rescue capsule poked its nose thru the ceiling of their cell.  Our hearts lifted in joy when each and every one of them reached the surface.

We are united today – around the globe – thanks to their hope.

They gave each of us a gift. They showed us that even when all seems lost, there is always hope. If we choose hope. They chose the light – and we have all been blessed to share in their miracle because of their choice.

33 men escaped their underground cell smiling and positive, joined together in faith, defying all the odds.

Just think what can we do in our businesses and lives – with a focus on the positive – when the little bumps hit us?

Kinda puts it into perspective, doesn’t it?

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