A Look Around The Brilliant Htc Desire Hd

A Look Around The Brilliant Htc Desire Hd
The new HTC Desire HD manages to pack a massive 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen into what is still a very pocket-able chassis. This is the perfect partner to the HD video footage that the phone is capable of capturing, and also compliments the other impressive feature that are on offer.

Size isn’t everything, and HTC have illustrated that point perfectly in the construction of this new model by using a design and materials that are not only sleek but also practical. The chassis itself is cast from a single piece of aluminium. Whilst maintaining the high end feel of this phone, this also makes the unit incredibly durable compared to many of its plastic counterparts. The design is aided by the matte finish on the phone, increasing its resistance to scratches. In the hand the phone feels lightweight and easily manageable, and surprisingly it does not feel to large, which could have been the one downside of such an extravagant screen size. Inside the phone, a 1Ghz processor adds the necessary power to keep every element on the handset running smoothly. In practice the phone works as well as any other Android handset you will encounter. Loading times are almost instant and the 768MB of RAM maintains the high specification feel that runs throughout this handset. The screen is the show stealer on this model. 4.3 inches is an impressive size, but could easily have been let down by its specification, so it is pleasing to see a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels coupled with a great colour palette of over 16 million.

A great range of software is installed on the HTC Desire HD, complimenting the excellent Hardware that steals your attention on first inspection. The unit operates on the Android 2.2 system, thus you can expect a comprehensive range tricks and tools at your disposal. Perhaps one of the more impressive elements of the phone is the excellent web browser. Content loads in a quick and effortless manner, even with detailed web pages. Thanks to multi touch, the pinch and zoom works exactly as it should and the screen resizes everything to fit accordingly. Thanks to the hefty processor and ample RAM capacity, the multi tasking facilities are superb, whatever task you choose to perform is not shut down when you need to exit to access other areas of your handset, eg text messages. This means lighting quick navigation between applications, thanks to them not loading up time after time.

The HTC Desire HD could have easily faltered with regards to its size. But HTC have done a superb job of offering a very large screen in a package that maintains portability as well as style. However it is not all about the screen, and the comprehensive package of features on offer ensure this model will go down a treat with smartphone fans everywhere.

The HTC Desire HD and the HTC HD7 are available now.

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