Accelerating Illinois' Modernization: Crafting a 'Smarter State'

Accelerating Illinois' Modernization: Crafting a 'Smarter State'
In Illinois, we are looking for an enterprise-scale, sustainable, smarter state initiative to improve the overall efficiency of the government, improve workforce opportunities and boost economic growth. Today's blog is an excerpt from the IDC white …
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The Budget's bottom line: taxes will rise and rise again
Several other basic facts are undeniable: the Chancellor is desperate to increase tax revenues faster than economic growth, and to grow spending at a faster rate than the economy. State spending as a share of GDP, on the Treasury's spuriously accurate …

World Economy Grows without Growth in Global Warming Pollution
… nation's economy began restructuring more toward industries that use less energy, leading to a 1.5 percent drop in greenhouse gas emissions. China is also embarking on a massive renewable energy deployment binge and, coupled with energy efficiency, …
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