Beau Stylist At Your Service

Beau Stylist At Your Service
Though women are so often stereotyped (by men) to be fashion-crazed, Ive noticed that not every woman has this sixth sense. Im not saying that some women dont know how to dress, although that is true too, but that some women just seem conflicted. They may want to be fashionable, but that natural Fashion sense does not always come naturally.

I have always enjoyed watching fashion shows, reading fashion magazines, and shopping. As a teen, I couldnt wait for weekends so that I could pick out my outfits (Monday-Friday were school uniform days). I even wrote down what I wore so I wouldnt wear the same thing too often. Back then I thought every woman gave the same detailed attention to their fashion. Now I know thats not always the case.

Websters defines fashion as something, such as a garment, that is in the current mode: a swimsuit that is the latest fashion. Ok then, what is mode? Websters answers, the current or customary fashion or style. Easy enough for those of us tuning into fashion shows, reading fashion magazines, or specializing in Fashion Shopping like me, but not so easy for the fashion-challenged, time-challenged, budget-challenged women who lack the sixth sense.

Never fear, Mariana, your Beau Stylist is here.

Why listen to Mariana when Fashion Advisers are everywhere? Because I have acquired a seventh sense – Bald Fashion Sense. I will be combining fashion items and accessories that reflect the latest, hottest trends but that do not presume a facial frame of thick, luscious locks or the body of a 16-year-old supermodel. Here at, we understand what it is to lose your hair and how that affects your emotional well-being and self-confidence. Using our BeauBeaus as an inspiration, I will create the looks that will restore your self-esteem and allow you to step back out into the world bald, beautiful, and stylin.

I recently had the honor of assisting a woman who had just lost her hair to chemo. She walked in wearing a chemo hat, looking so sad and embarrassed. When I asked her to take the hat off so I could measure her head, she almost cried. I felt her pain and held back my own tears. As she started trying on different BeauBeaus, peering at herself in the mirror, I watched her sad expression vanish into a smile. She left us with a renewed sense of confidence, a realization that bald and beautiful do coexist. Her new BeauBeaus brought the light back into her face and made her sky-blue eyes pop. And Ill do that for you too.

Think fashionable and bald are opposing forces? Think again. Tune in often as Ill be putting my sixth and seventh senses to work for you. Heres a peek preview of what 2011 bald fashion sense looks like! See you soon!

Mariana Laney, Business Development and Style Consultant

I am the President of and designer of the newly patented BeauBeauR head scarf, a fashionable scarf specifically designed for women and girls. The Beaubeau unites the world of fashion with medical hair loss.’s mission is to help women and girls cope with the emotional upheaval of medical hair loss with dignity and confidence and to advocate for greater understanding of the emotional impacts of medical hair loss among medical professionals and the public.

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