Bottom of the class

Bottom of the class
Airlines have long seen profitability in investing heavily in first- and business-class while degrading the flying experience in coach to cut costs. But why stop there? … the sake of a lower fare. America's big airlines are simply giving them what …
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United and American Airlines to Offer Basic Economy Class
(NEW YORK) — United Airlines and American Airlines will soon join Delta in offering a fare class called "basic economy," reports The Economist. Basic economy offers passengers a lower fare but the passenger will forfeit seating choices and any chance …
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Saying Union Was a Wing of Management, Flight Attendants Launched a Rebellion
Flight attendants were furious when they learned that Glading's cousin, Tom Weir, had been a top US Airways executive during the merger negotiations. He too now works at American. One of members' biggest frustrations was that the agreement failed to …
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