Bungling the New World Order

Bungling the New World Order
Indeed, the focal point of U.S. leadership for nearly half a century after World War II was to keep communism and the Soviet bear at bay — primarily through overwhelming military supremacy, bolstered by a thriving economy. NATO was the chief vehicle …
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Profit, Protection, Despite Cartel Interventions – February, 2016 Update
Many months of the private for-Profit Fed Zero Interest-Rate Policies have certainly not saved the U.S. Economy or Markets, and indeed, the Negative Interest Rate Policies of Japan, Sweden and other have not saved their Economies or Markets either …
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Socialism does not deserve denigration
Comparing the policies of Maoist China and the former USSR to what we confront today in the most rapidly evolving global economy within the most diverse global society in history is a straw man argument. Using happiness as a measure of societal as well …
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