Burger Van

Burger Van
Cater for the crowds at your event with a top quality Burger Van

Give them a choice of food options if you like, and have a Burger Van along with a stall that sells Mobile Fish and Chips. At events all around the country youll find a Burger Van selling the finest quality food to hungry people. Who can resist the smell of delicious burgers as they are cooked upon the griddle? A large cheeseburger and chips is just the ticket when you are feeling peckish at on outdoor event. Where does the Burger Van come from though? Catering companies can supply a host of solutions to large or small events. Get in touch if you are organising a function in the future and you need to cater for the appetites of numerous guests.

Its all about quality

The professional catering companies who provide a Burger Van only use top quality ingredients in their products. People wrongly have misconceptions about a Burger Van when they see one parked up at an event. Only the highest grade meats are used in the preparation of burgers, supplied by good quality farmers who take great pride in their food sources.

Tuck into a double cheeseburger from a Burger Van and youll be eating prime British beef. Parked next to a stall that sells Mobile Fish and Chips, its hard to resist a burger when youre at an outdoor concert.

I can smell the onions

Of course, when you buy a burger off a Burger Van you simply have to have fried onions as well. Its a given, its non-negotiable, if you dont have fried onions theres something seriously wrong with you. Insist on a juicy burger from a Burger Van that comes packed with onions and all the works. Whether you want a bacon cheeseburger or a half-pounder topped with special burger sauce, you just have to opt for fried onions from the Burger Van as well.

Mmmmmm; you can almost smell the onions and taste the burger from a Burger Van when you put some thought into the process. The next time youre at an event why not try something from the Burger van or a stall that sells Mobile Fish and Chips?

Kkcatering.co.uk can provide you with a top quality Burger Van. We are used to working under pressure at a range of events, large or small. We provide a range of solutions, including Mobile Fish and Chips.

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