Canadian Economic Growth Rate Slumping Continues

Canadian Economic Growth Rate Slumping Continues
We have seen various central banks exploring negative interest rates while other has attempted to buy long-term bonds. Canadian economic growth has not been left behind in the struggle. Canadian economic growth rate has seen a sharp downgrade this …
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Birth rates and immigration key to economic growth
"One way to calculate the world's potential growth rate is to add the rate at which the labor force is expanding to the rate at which productivity is rising," Sharma writes. "Since 1960, gains in both factors have contributed equally to potential …
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US economy slowed to scant 0.7 pct. growth rate last quarter
The government's estimate Friday of the economy's expansion in the October-December period was less than half the modest 2 percent annual growth rate in gross domestic product in the previous quarter. It was the weakest showing since a severe winter …

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