Car Tech 101: Auto-start-stop explained video – Roadshow

Car Tech 101: Auto-start-stop explained video – Roadshow
Those numbers are huge in the automaker world where they will spend Millions to gain 1% more fuel economy. The downside is you … Okay, so the bottom line penciling out the value of auto start stop to you, in your pocket book. So let's ballpark that …
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Dov Yermiya, who said, 'I renounce my belief in Zionism which has failed
Dov Yermiya died on Saturday at 101 at the kibbutz in northern Israel where he lived. … Yermiya became famous for an antiwar book he published in 1982 called My War Diary, and today he is remembered for a letter he wrote in 2009, quoted by Uri Avnery …
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More Briefings? Yeah, More Briefings: On Government and Taxes (Guest Voice)
If people do not have the money to pay higher prices, then they will buy less—usually leading to either a price drop or less consumption (Economics 101). Another possible reason why this is not mainstream teaching in university classes is that most of …
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