Celebrate the arrival of autumn with an Oktoberfest party

Celebrate the arrival of autumn with an Oktoberfest party

September 07, 2010 Written by: Tyna Lewis

The fall season brings with it some of the most beloved events of the year. Football season, Thanksgiving and delicious apple cider are just some of the treats that autumn has to offer. However, one of the most overlooked celebrations this time of year is Oktoberfest, that most German of holidays. This festival typically runs for more than two weeks in Germany, from the end of September into October, and is regarded as the world’s largest fair. Just because you can’t make it to Munich doesn’t mean that you have to sit out on the festivities. Host your own Oktoberfest-themed party and you and your friends and family are sure to have a great time!

The first area you’ll want to address is invitations. You’ll certainly want to include images associated with the celebration on your invites, so you should select ones that feature those tasty staples of Oktoberfest – beer, brats and pretzels. Along with the food and drink, why not purchase cards that have a jovial, lederhosen-wearing reveler raising a glass to a good time. Additionally, you’ll want to include the appropriate tone when you choose your words, so make sure you convey the excitement and happiness associated with the party.

After you’ve picked out perfect invitations, you’ll want to turn your attention to decorations. For starters, you can create an effective backdrop by hanging a traditional, Bavarian-style blue and white checkered background. This is a great way to set the atmosphere, but you’ll definitely want to take things a step further. A fantastic idea would be to place some beer stein cut-outs around your shindig. These large, iconic mugs represent the spirit behind the celebration. In that same vein, why not shake things up a little bit by arranging a life-size cut-out of a beer garden girl? Your guests will may get a kick out of this addition gracing your get-together. For a final touch, try to think of a clever way to incorporate the blue and white colors that were used as the backdrop. One terrific choice would be to include a blue and white table cover to match the rest of your decor.

While decorations and invitations are certainly important, you should not forget to pick up sufficient supplies for your soirée, as they can make or break any party. One of the staples of Oktoberfest is its delectable food, so you’ll want to be well-prepared for a fantastic feast. Paper plates, napkins and cups are a must and they should adhere to the colors of your decorations as well. They can also include some of the famous fare such as brats and beer, while offering a celebratory message, too. To top everything off, how about inflating some blue and white balloons and having them float around your home? These party decorations can be the perfect accent to any event.

Just because the summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean that you can’t host a great party. Take all the right steps and your Oktoberfest gathering will have your guests feeling like they have been transported to Deutschland.

Tyna Lewis is a Birthday Party Decorations and Party Supplies  news writer for Windy City Novelties.

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