Cellular Chaos

Cellular Chaos

Cell phones originated in the 1970s and have since grown far and wide amongst the people of the world.  It is very uncommon, especially in the United States, for someone to not have a cell phone.  We have grown into a society that must be connected to someone or something at all times.  The days of leaving messages on answering machines or picking up the phone without knowing who was on the other end, are gone.  However, cell phones have become more than just a device to talk on.  They are computers, agenda books, messaging portals and game stations.  It’s actually become extremely rare to pick up the phone and verbally talk to others with all of the technology that comes along with today’s cell phones.

Text messaging is one of the biggest, if not the biggest outlet that people use to stay connected to others through their phones.  The money that phone companies are raking in is unbelievable, as there are not many people who don’t have a text messaging plan.  These mobile phone text messages are a large part of the reason why most people do not physically call anyone anymore.  Why call when you can just send a quick message?

This expansion of cell phone technology not only consumes our lives but it has also affected our social skills.  Cell phones are one of the greatest inventions and most certainly have perks to them that will lead us into a new age of technology; however, we, as people, cannot lose sight of our innate social needs in the process.  Children are getting cell phones at younger and younger ages anymore, leaving them with a difficult time trying to have a real-life conversation with someone.  We don’t want our kids to feel like if their conversations are not through a text, Facebook post or IM, they not only can’t handle it, but don’t know how to handle it.

Cell phones have unquestionably raised the bar for new age technology and have opened the door for other possible technological advances.  These cellular devices are great, but just like anything else in life, they are great in moderation.  Don’t let it consume your days or take time away from your life that you could be spending with your family or friends.  This mobile market is only getting bigger so pace yourself as best you can. 

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