Choosing Interstate Removalists

Choosing Interstate Removalists
Specialists advise hiring the most dependable and proficient specialist who you could afford while choosing among interstate removalists in Perth. While the fees you pay might not necessarily reflect the quality of service that a removalist could provide, cheap service fees may be due to cost-cutting measures that could affect the way your possessions are moved and delivered.


Moving house would be a daunting task, which is best tackled with years of experience of the solid interstate removalists so as to be done well. Aside from providing assistance to you in packing and lifting your items for delivery to your new home, your specialist is the best person to give you advice on statutory compliance for interstate movement.

Ineligible items

Removalists would generally allow you to bring all your belongings except for some items that are regulated by law or considered dangerous goods. Plants and animals, for instance, need prior approvals for quarantine purposes. The Transport of Dangerous Goods Code, in Australia, prohibits the movement of the following items:

Flammable solids
Substances prone to spontaneous combustion
Substances which produce flammable gases upon contact with water
Oxidising agents and organic peroxides
Toxic substances and
Corrosive substances

Other products like household appliances, machinery and equipment would require special preparation prior to moving. Refrigerators should be clean and empty prior to moving. Lawn mowers and other gardening equipment need to be emptied of their fuel and might need to be steam cleaned.

Packing service

The best individual to help you with special packing needs for delicate items and bulky furniture is your moving specialist. Moving personnel are typically trained and experienced in the right technique of packing items to prevent or minimise damage. Your removalist could provide special packing solutions like wooden crates and specially designed polystyrene mouldings when required.

Insurance coverage

Its reasonable to assume some degree of wear during the move but you might think about considering obtaining insurance protection to cover damages because of unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the removalist. Your removalist will refer an insurer for this purpose.

Look for well credentialed and recommended interstate removalists to offer a quotation for your move, or get a list of accredited specialists from a professional removalists organisation in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Townsville, or Canberra. A reputable specialist should be able to present you with references for you to verify before you make your choice.

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