Circulation of Wealth among All Muslims: Incumbent on ALL Muslims

Circulation of Wealth among All Muslims: Incumbent on ALL Muslims

Circulation of Wealth among All Muslims: Incumbent on ALL Muslims

Means of expenditure

Circulation of wealth among All Muslims comprising the totality of the Islamic community is an incumbent Islamic right and obligation prescribed by Shari’ah. Haording of wealth and monopolization of riches is a great sin punishable in Hell firs. 

Islam establishes a balanced system of means of expenditure where Muslims are commanded to take a middle way between extremes of spending and keeping their wealth. In this way the wealth of Muslims is circulated among the whole Umma.

The Qur’an clearly indicates the formula of circulating wealth among the entire entity of the Islamic Umma.

The following text forbids treasuring and monopolizing wealth among a certain group or a minority or a majority of Muslims. It ought to be diffused among Muslims:

‘In order that it may not make a circuit between the wealthy among you.’ 59: 7

Reference in this text is made to spoils of war but it denotes the economic principle of not treasuring or monopolizing wealth nor hoarding riches.

 Middle way equilibrium

According to Muslim exegetes the following verse:

‘And thus have We made of you middle Umma (justly balanced).’

Is a reference to the structure of the Islamic Umma as a middle way between extremes namely in Christianity and in Judaism. Christians calls for abstaining from the befits  of worldly life seeking the Hereafter.

This is expressed by leaving this world and following Christ. It is an invitation to shun material things and seek pure spirituality. Jews have gone to the other extreme by seeking the goods of this world devoting themselves material acquisitiveness.

 Islam aspires to establish a middle way system where Muslims seek with their wealth the benefits of the Hereafter. It is a middle way between spirituality and materialism.

‘Make not your hand tied to your neck (like a niggard’s), nor stretch it forth to its utmost, so that you become blameworthy and destitute.’ 17: 29

‘The servants of God… those who, when they spend, are not extravagant and not niggardly, but hold a balanced middle way between those extremes.’ 25: 67

‘ And seek the abode of the Hereafter in that which God has given you, but do not neglect your portion of (this) world.’ 28:77

The three main principles of expenditure in Islam stem from considering that wealth belongs to God and Muslims ought to manage it seeking the favour of God and the benefit of the Hereafter. These three principles are:

a. Sharing in wealth with other Muslims.

b. No treasuring of wealth is allowed.

c. No monopolization of wealth is allowed.

These principles establish and maintain the circulation of wealth among the whole members of the Islamic Umma. They establish a platform-ceiling of economy where poverty and riches are abolished.

Monopolization of the wealth of the Muslims and hoarding the riches that belongs to ALL Muslims and is not restrcited to the very few, as is the case now in oil rich countrie, is strictly forbidden and is considered by Shari’ah as a major sin where its owners shall be dealth with in Hell fire.

It is the right and responsibility of ALL Muslims not to let these mal pratcices exercised by States, Kingdoms, Emirates or Sultanates. It is the right and obligation for Muslims to war against such deviations of Islam practiced by rich Islamic states and rich Muslims.

Rich Muslims Take Heed !



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