Cloud 9 Carpet Underlay – A Dash Of Class

Cloud 9 Carpet Underlay – A Dash Of Class
Your dream abode is complete only if it has a well furnished drawing room. It is said that first impression is your last impression and your drawing room reflects your taste. Your guests will acknowledge your class and glamour quotient when they enter your drawing room. A well furnished drawing room is a mark of your personal style and elegance. So if you want you drawing room to look ultra glamorous and uber cool then cloud 9 underlay should be your obvious choice.

Cloud 9 carpet underlays are basically used in luxurious apartments where higher comfort level is desired. They are used in luxurious homes and apartments because of its thermal insulation and acoustic features. You can buy in square meters if you have a small drawing room or a 15 meter square roll if you want o completely cover your drawing room. Cloud 9 underlay is highly recommended because they are lightweight, affordable, and carries a lifetime guarantee attached with it. They provide comfort, durability and support which no other underlays can guarantee.

Underlay by cloud 9 offers protection to your investment by adding life and durability to your expensive carpet. If you use carpet underlay, your carpet does not lie on the raw floor surface and hence it is protected and which makes it last longer. It also helps in heat insulation and sound muffling which in turn increases the durability of your beloved carpet.

The best material for your carpet underlay is undoubtedly foam as they are extremely lightweight and simpler to install and manipulate and provides better acoustic enhancement and insulation. It is soft and bouncy underfoot providing extra comfort. Since foam is created from recycled material hence it is affordable from the consumers point of view.

Always go in for cloud 9 underlay even if your carpet comes with an in-built underlay or has one attached to it. Select an 8mm or 9 mm underlays rather than an 11 mm one since they are hard and provides an added cushioning, protects your carpets, insulates and absorbs unwanted sound.

There are also other varieties that are used specifically for higher and commercial areas. One is 8mm and another is10mm underlay .The former is made up of green and silver paper while the latter is made up of orange and silver paper. If you are doing the purchasing yourself you will need to know the dimensions of the area to be carpeted. Measure the length and width and times that by 2 to get the square meters. That will be how much underlay you need to order. They are designed specially for commercial use and for high traffic areas desire extra softness and high durability.

You find all kinds of carpet underlay online. has a lot of wonderful options to choose from, and at very affordable prices. So go ahead and get the look youve always wanted for your house.

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