Cosa Devi Tener In Conto Quando Affitti Un Apartamento.

Cosa Devi Tener In Conto Quando Affitti Un Apartamento.

Cuando looking for an apartment for rent, the most important thing that the house you like, you can not let this drag salo. We must also consider other factors that have to do with the quality, safety and solidity of the apartment and delledificio.

Before entering you must observe the appearance or general delledificio the house in question, and if there are sidewalks or nellilluminazione Shortcomings.

In most, you can ask the City provided information on projections of commercial activities, parks, schools and when they are executed.

Access to the house. If you visit an apartment, an important case to make dellatrio size, the dimensions shall be in accordance with the number of apartments that includes ledificio, so as to allow free access online User and is sufficiently spacious to allow you to enter and exit comfortably. The other side, latria must have a locking system that protects the safety of neighbors.

Interior finishes. As for flooring, tile, painting, molding and so on, must be made of durable and easy to clean though, of course, to be at the tenant Gunto. It should prove that it is Mother House windows, both with regard to the insulation for thermal acoustic one.

Orientation. A buena orientation important because it will allow a maximum of aprofittare dellenergia Solar is helping to provide natural lighting and air-conditioned The environment in winter.

Ventilation. The best thing for a house that has windows on both sides to create cross ventilation. In any case, the use of apparatus in which combustion occurs, the forces of ventilation neccesit appropriate security for the output of the smoke, and therefore must meet the rules for each type of fuel.

Noise. The big cities are more noisy. If you are looking to rent in Rome or Milan to rent verify that the noise is aquello external (traffic, industries or offices close, bar or local leisure) and the inner (lifts, Tuberose) is not much too, as it may be very annoying

Common facilities and services. Ledificio installations can be centralized or not, as heating, water caldaecc.

In this case we must check whether you have an individual meter to calculate the consumption. However, whenever he visited the apartment that we ought to class heating energy use, because this is a factor that can raise the cost enough for the maintenance of the house.

Hydraulics. The state of Fontañera can be appreciated from a simple view of functioning of the water, drain and rapidity of the corresponding keys lesistenza step. important to note if it is a good pressure of water and if possible to open more taps at the same time without losing pressure.

Installation eletttrica. The most important details to consider are the following:

or whether there should be a trigger mechanism and a circuit breaker.
o Check the number of lights and their distribuione, so as the switches, whether they are installed in such a manner that enter a room that can easily illuminate.
or need to know if there are enough outlets for installation of lamps, appliances, etc..
or for safety reasons in the bathroom, switches and other mechanisms should not be able to reach the bath.

Garage. If you rent the house with a garage, you can see that important to take into account its features, ease of access, its Grandeza allautomobile respect, the need for maneuvers and if there is a direct access from the house.

critical to note if the ceilings, walls or floors there are no cracks or moisture. If it were so, the best thing to consult an architect to assess the importance of these defects of the building. Unaltro important aspect when choosing home has to do with the distribution, the area, storage spaces, closets, cupboards, clothes lines, etc. – Find your apartment for rent among our 40,000 ads with pictures, homes for rent in Milan, Rome and throughout Italy

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