Cryptocurrency For Beginners – Bitcoin, Ethereum, And BitGold

Cryptocurrency For Beginners – Bitcoin, Ethereum, And BitGold
What do you know about Bitcoin? Ever purchased/sold any? Used it to pay for something, online or at a bricks and mortar store? What about Ethereum? BitGold? If you're like the majority of the public, you may have a slight inkling as to what …
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Libertarianism for Beginners
Obama is wrong, but so is Cheney and virtually every other American politician. And the Pope. And Mao Tse-Tung. At times, even libertarian economists Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman. Also Ayn Rand. I also think sports is a mistake. I predict robots …
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David Miliband: EU exit 'unilateral political disarmament'
Speaking in a personal capacity, Mr Miliband will say in a speech for the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign group: "My message is simple: Now is not the time for unilateral political disarmament… "No nation in human peacetime history, never mind …
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