Democratic voters size up Clinton, Sanders: #tellusatoday

Democratic voters size up Clinton, Sanders: #tellusatoday
Most important, he appeals to a demographic that has zero knowledge of how the American political system works. Many Millennials want what they want without any common sense or realistic understanding that Sanders simply can't do what he promises to …
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GOP hopefuls for US Senate debate at El Paso County Republican Party headquarters
"We can't have a federal government that thinks it's a Cadillac when we're paying for a Yugo," said Charlie Ehler, a true political newcomer from Fountain who has a colorful, if not unusually brief, way of describing his positions on issues. The forum …
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New Plans Underway to Relaunch Talks on Two-State Solution
In regard to Israel, it may start a political debate over the value of the Quartet's recommendations. In the long term, the mechanism — more than the specific recommendations — is of importance; it may be the beginning of a conflict resolution …
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