DigiRevenue Review

DigiRevenue Review

DigiRevenue is a new online profit sharing program that recently launched the beginning of December 2010. This system is said to enable you to earn several passive income streams by either purchasing shares, referring others to purchase shares or participating in third party offers and opportunities.

You can join this program for free however you will put yourself in a position to make the most money by becoming a paid member. As a free member you can generate income by referring others that purchase money line positions. Money line positions will cost you $ 50 each. There is no limit to how many you can purchase. Of course, the more positions you have, the more money you will make. There is a 15% bonus payout on your first level of referrals. The minute after you lock in your paid position the value of your shares will increase because all new members that join after you will be enrolled under you. 

In seven short days sense first launching, there is a total of 844 members and the company already has paid out a total of $ 7350. If you are able to build a large team of referrals, I believe you could make decent money with DigiRevenue. That is of course a BIG IF. The reason I say this is that many people join similar programs with the greatest intent only to fail because of their inability to effectively drive traffic to their opportunity.

Learning how to effectively market online is a process that takes time and effort. There are no secrets involve. The bottom line is if you are willing to put forth a persistent consistent effort toward learning it you can most definitely be successful at it. Once haven done so you will be able to build massive downlines in DigiRevenue or any program you chose.

There are several quality training and mentoring programs available online. I would suggest doing your due diligents, find the one that you feel most comfortable with, and go for it.


Evan DuChene is a successful home business owner. He is a member of the internet’s largest training, mentoring and marketing program. His main purpose, as he sees it, is to help others create financial freedom by mastering the art of online marketing. If you would like to learn how to effectively market online go to Your Wealth Express and check out Evan’s team.

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