Diplomats skeptical that Syria ceasefire will take root

Diplomats skeptical that Syria ceasefire will take root
"Let's hope that we can accelerate the ceasefire, because I fear that the Russians will continue their bombing, try to do everything they can to destroy what's left of the opposition," she said during a Democratic presidential debate on Thursday in …
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Hillary can't win, because Bernie has already won his real race
Sure, from the get go in announcing his candidacy, Sanders said he planned to win—as any campaign must insist—but he always tempered those expectations with a broader definition of winning, that of lifting up a set of issues and galvanizing a …
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Which way will Gove go?
One minister who is close to Gove both personally and politically, but who will back In, tells me that 'it is a question of to what degree he goes Out'. … If this debate isn't about Cameron, it will be that much easier to reunite the Tory party …
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