Now consider, ‘diversity’ is hailed by proponents of the dominant ideology, mostly middle-aged-white-men, as a testament to both progressive capitalism and democracy. Their notion of ‘diversity’ is merely a political ploy to create the illusion that individuals or groups who are not of European (or Caucasian) decent are to be both celebrated and supported because without them, here (Canada, the US, or wherever) would not be as great — or some nonsense to that effect anyway.


Mostly middle-aged-white-men proponents of the dominant ideology hail “diversity” as a testament to both progressive capitalism and democracy. They think that “diversity” is a political ploy to create the illusion that individuals or groups who are not of European (or Caucasian) decent are to be both celebrated and supported or some nonsense to that effect anyway.


I have heard it said that ‘many hands make light work’; this notion is also espoused by those mostly-middle-aged-white-men who inherited the riches borne on the backs of slave labour. I find this diversity trick of theirs especially amusing because on face value it seems like such a radical departure from their usual tricks: tricks like burning women alive at the stake because they were deemed witches, tricks like dropping nuclear bombs on small islands, tricks like stealing people’s land only to grant them a section of the worst part of it, tricks like disallowing a tropical country (e.g. Jamaica) from harvesting its own produce, tricks like using the Chinese to build their railroads, tricks like killing off the Indians with small-pox infested blankets, tricks like brain washing children with Walt Disney cartoons (e.g. Pocahontas,) tricks like making black woman feel their locks are better off conked straight like those of their mostly-middle-class-white-women, tricks like making black men believe their hair is better off cut low so as to not offend their former slave masters (who are now all elected officials with titles like The Right Honourable Stephen Harper,) tricks like arming both sides of a war, tricks like invading the privacy of every individual on the planet, etc. But things are rarely as they seem, I digress…


Racism allows for prejudice because it makes it all too easy for one to stereotype any perceived, though potentially erroneous, racial characteristic. Racism, necessarily, will exist so long as the notion of ‘race’ exists. Diversity will be synonymous with racism so long as we continue to stereotype characteristics of any race or culture. The key word is ‘different’. The middle-aged-white-man who plans for his lineage to remain ‘white’ is, in fact, necessarily racist; if that middle-aged-white-man advocates interracial mixing, that simply means he is the exception to the rule because ‘white’ people obviously would not exist as ‘white’ were it not for centuries of selective mating. Or perhaps it was selective breeding?


Nevertheless, ‘diversity’ is simply an instance of being diverse, which means to be different from one another, or unlike. Exactly what differences are we supposed to be celebrating here? Well, those West Indians sure make a mean curry. And those Israelis sure make a mean Uzi sub-machinegun. The only message that those mostly-middle-aged-white-men really want to convey is that we are ALL different. This new slant on racism takes the emphasis off the fact that the Caucasian European is the only truly different race (or breed?) of man who is outnumbered over 11 to 1 when compared to the non-whites whom they call ‘visible minorities’!??!?!! There are already distinctions made between Africans, African-Canadians, African-Americans, etc.; now they want even further distinctions to be made.


Diversity asks us to alienate everyone and to look at our fellow global citizens as some exotic breeds of a different sub-species of animal — as opposed to asking us to love everyone as brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers love each other. We should be focusing on our similarities, not on our differences. We should be dealing in equality, not in differentiation. No difference. No separation. No alienation.


Junior “TRUE” Williams is a 3rd year student at York University in Toronto, Canada. He is currently pursuing a double major in Cognitive Science and Philosophy. Also, he is the sole-contributer and author of the Everything True @ York U blog at http://trueking7.blogspot.com.

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