Economy ended 2015 stronger, recession danger recedes

Economy ended 2015 stronger, recession danger recedes
… the U.S. economy in the final months of 2015, including extreme winter weather, plunging global oil and other commodity prices, a rising U.S. dollar (which hurts U.S. exports and manufacturers), and economic troubles in China, Europe, Brazil and …

Brazil is on the brink of unraveling
AS PRESIDENT Obama traveled from Cuba to Argentina this week, he literally passed over Latin America's most momentous political developments — which are not the U.S. rapprochement with the Castro regime or the abrupt switch from leftist populism to …
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Crisis and Class Struggle: World Perspectives 2016 – Part one
The International Monetary Fund points out that the global financial crisis was worse than previous episodes of turmoil and warns that most of the world's leading economies should prepare for a prolonged period of lower growth rates. The IMF reports …
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