EU eyes ISIL 'sleepers' for next major attack

EU eyes ISIL 'sleepers' for next major attack
To explain why ISIL, which previously focused only on expanding its so-called “Caliphate” in the Levant, would seek to strike faraway enemies, experts pointed to the group's defining need for constant propaganda “victories.” Two years ago, battlefield …

Bernie Sanders and the votes of emerging adults
By the time we graduated a few years later, the first commercial web browser had been released, ushering in a global knowledge economy powered by rapid advances in technology. … They didn't quite fit the definition of kids nor did they feel like adults.
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ABEC begins preparations for referendum on CCJ
Such is the age-old racialist justification for the economic exploitation of our (Caribbean).” – Dr. Kwame … It is possible to make an exploration of this critical dimension by observing the way North Atlantic and European writers have defined the …
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