Fast Fat Loss Diet – How a Biggest Loser Lost 41% of His Fat in Just 8 Months

Fast Fat Loss Diet – How a Biggest Loser Lost 41% of His Fat in Just 8 Months

A fast fat loss diet that is proven to work is the one followed by the Biggest Loser contestants.  This article will show you how Jim Germanakos, who was actually kicked off the Biggest Loser Ranch on week 5 went on to drop his body fat from 51% all the way down to 10%.  Read on if you want to know his secret.

Jim went on the show with his twin brother, Bill.  Bill was able to avoid being voted off and went on to win season 4.  Jim was forced to leave the ranch on week 5 but actually ended up losing a higher percentage of weight than his brother.

Jim believed strongly in “paying his good fortune forward” and he is now sharing his experience and education with the world. 

Here are the secrets to his fast fat loss diet.

1.  Keep your metabolism high by eating frequently.  The worst thing you can do on a rapid weight loss diet is stop eating.  This grinds your metabolism to a halt and since your metabolism is what is needed to burn fat you will not see progress if you stop eating.

Jim ate small meals and watched labels so as not to eat hidden fats or carbs that he wasn’t expecting.

2.  Also boost your metabolism with the right exercise.  He combined both aerobic exercise like walking and jogging with weight training.  The weights helped protect his muscle from being broken down due to his rapid loss. Muscles are needed for a strong metabolism.

3.  Stay motivated with the right attitude.  No diet can stand up to a negative attitude so Jim found strength by repeating his motto, “Dedication-Motivation-Education” which helped him push through challenges.

The Biggest Loser show is an inspiration and Jim created his own fast fat loss diet based on his experience and education from the show.  He is now teaching others how to use his method to get rapid results.

Bill and Jim Germanakos, the winners of Season 4 of The Biggest Loser are about to reveal The Truth About Diets.

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