Finding great value items at garage sales

Finding great value items at garage sales

Everyone knows what a garage sell is and almost everyone has either been to one or had one. They are a great way to get rid of a lot of stuff lying around the house and earn some extra cash. On the flip side they can be a great way for you to find great items that are sold at very low prices. Yes, they are used items but they work and are a lot cheaper than buying a product new. If you are really lucky you can even find items that collectable or can be fixed up and be sold for a great value. I just read a story the other day where some bought a mountain bike at a garage sale for $ 5. He later found out that that bike used to belong to Floyd Landis, a Tour De France winner, and is worth $ 8,000. That is a very rare case but the possibility is out there.

If you are looking for items around the house you may want to check out some estate sales. Sometimes estate sales will sell high value items that you can pick up for cheap because the house is either going into foreclosure and the owners need money, or they are moving and need to downsize the amount of stuff they have in the house. You can find almost anything from artwork to appliances. Sometimes you will find high value items with a high value price, but if you are lucky you can find someone who needs the cash and you can pick up items for really cheap.

Try looking for items that are rusted and look like junk but could hold a value. Something like old bicycles, old motorcycle frames, old signs etc. Don’t buy an item hoping it has value; look it up online before you buy it and go back and purchase it once you have determined it can turn you a profit. Impulse buys can end up costing you a lot of money and is not the best method of buying value items to turn a profit.


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