Flatten Your Stomach in 7 Days

Flatten Your Stomach in 7 Days

Let me point out that I am not saying you will be spotting a rigid line of 6 pack abs; but you can flatten your stomach in 7 days. Then if you want the abs it will take a bit longer but basically using the same routine. Ok where do we start? We start by looking at what you are eating.

We don’t want you rushing of to the gym to lose weight; then come home and eat it all back again do we? So diet is an important consideration when it comes to losing weight. You’ve heard it lots of times before but I will say it again; watch the foods you eat. When you eat foods high in sugar and fat; what the body does not require at that moment it stores as fat.

Believe me there is lots of storage space in your stomach than in any other part of your body. So avoid foods containing lots of fat and sugar. Your body needs water to break down food and clean out your system. A system lacking in water will not function well and make reducing stomach fat very difficult. So do drink lots of water to help you flatten your stomach within 7 days.

Since weight loss goes hand in hand with stomach loss; you could take to running in the mornings or evening. If you do not have time; then whenever you can, walk rather than driving or taking a bus. You are trying to shed overall body fat as well. The fat loss in your body must be proportional.

Do follow a routinely and well planned program. This will help you monitor your progress and give you a good guideline on effective methods that work. It shouldn’t be hard to find good programs that can help your flatten your stomach in 7 days.

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