Getting Your Lowes Coupon

Getting Your Lowes Coupon
Got a home improvement project in mind? Then Lowes Home improvement store is where you’ll want to get all of your supplies. Before you begin purchasing what you need though, you might want to get a Lowes coupon first in order to get more out of your money’s worth.

There are generally two ways that you will be able to get Lowes discount coupon:

Method 1

If you are moving, drop by at the U.S. Postal office and ask for a change of address moving kit or locate it near the mailing forms. There will be many coupons and discount offers within the kit including those of Lowes. If you are however unable to find a Lowe’s discount coupon and found a Home Depot discount coupon instead, don’t worry as Lowes honors them as well. One thing you might want to keep in mind when getting the discount coupons is that there will be an expiry date. So take note of them.

Method 2

Another way you will be able to get a Lowes coupon is by going to their website. Scroll down and locate the heading “Partner Websites.” Under that particular column there will be a “Lowe’s Moving Center” tab, click on it.

On the new page click on the “Request your coupon” button and completely fill in the form. Once you’ve completely filled out the form click submit and wait for your coupon to arrive. It will take anywhere from 3-5 days so you might want to check out your email then. After getting the coupon on your mail, you’ll need to print it. if Lowes encounter any difficulty emailing you the coupon online, it will send one to the home address that you’ve provided on the form. This will be a 10% off coupon and will be honored for in-store purchases of up to $ 5000.00 allowing you to get bigger savings on your purchases.

Not the right way to get your Lowes discount coupon

When browsing the internet for Lowes discount coupons, you’ll probably run into sites that advocates purchase through online auctions. The company discourages individuals from purchasing coupons as this defeat their purpose. Also, if you look closely, at the back of the coupon, there will be a term which specifically notes that once the coupon has been purchased through an online action, they are considered void and invalid.

The two methods mentioned above are the only way that you will be able to get a Lowes coupon. Remember, never to buy them as they were created to help you save, not spend more. Also take note that the coupon can only be used once, so if you have a lot of things to buy you should probably list it down to get more discount on your purchase.

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