Gilead Faces Fights Over Hepatitis C and HIV Drugs

Gilead Faces Fights Over Hepatitis C and HIV Drugs
The attorney general of Massachusetts said on Wednesday that she had opened an inquiry into whether Gilead Sciences had violated state consumer protection laws by charging too much for its hepatitis C drugs.
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A long journey: From addict to prison inmate to lawyer
Suzula Bidon was working in a federal prison kitchen for 12 cents an hour, the result of a drug habit that put her behind bars for 27 months, when she realized some of her fellow inmates could not identify an ear of unshucked corn. Another inmate asked …
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Why Are Unions So Worried About an Upcoming Supreme Court Case?
The law allows public-sector employees to opt out of dues and just pay an agency fee to cover the cost of bargaining—an accommodation intended to protect people's First Amendment rights. Teachers who, like Friedrichs, have opted out of the union are …
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