Gsm V/s Cdma

Gsm V/s Cdma
Most users are unaware that are two major technologies that power cell phones; GSM and CDMA. GSM is the more popular carrier with very few CDMA options available in the major part of the world. In USA however the split is 50-50 with equal number of GSM of CDMA carriers. The major difference between the two is that GSM phones use a sim card while CDMA come with existing network information from the network carrier from whom it was purchased. Hence unlocked GSM phones are more popular as they are relatively easy to unlock. Unlocked at&t cell phones are one of the most popular form of unlocked cell phones in the market.

Unlocking a GSM phone requires a relatively easy pass code option unlike its CDMA counterparts which require a series of softwares to make it compatible with other networks. However unlocked cell phones are only compatible with whichever technology they run on. For e.g. an unlocked GSM phone will not work with a CDMA network. There is a wide variety of unlocked at&t cell phones available in the market. These unlocked phones are of the most popular brands and hence provide users a choice across various models and price ranges.
Unlocked cell phones give frequent travelers a peace of mind as they are free to use a local pay as you go sim card for their stay abroad and not worry about the extravagant phone bills they may need to face.

Locally too users of an unlocked GSM phone can feel free to choose the sim card with the most suitable phone plan. Unlocked phones are providing a challenge for network providers who have to strive to keep offering more generous and competitive plans. Hence if you want to truly avail the benefits of unlocked phones go ahead for a GSM powered phone like unlocked AT&T cell phone to be able to make a choice between your favorite network provider.

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