Handbag Fabrics – Which One Should You Choose?

Handbag Fabrics – Which One Should You Choose?

Handbags come in all shapes and sizes – take a look along the high street, you’re almost guaranteed to find tiny little clutches, great big hobos and medium-sized totes. Not to mention over sized clutches and small hobos! You will find a handbag for each and every occasion.

It isn’t just about size and shape though. The texture and design of the handbag is just as important – if not more. One of the first things I look out for when choosing a new handbag is the fabric. If I am looking for a handbag for the beach then I will probably look for a style made from PVC or canvas. Leather can be ruined by salt water and sand however canvas and PVC can be easily washed/wiped clean. If, however I am on the hunt for a handbag that is long-lasting, offering good value for money then I will always go for leather.

So, what fabrics should you look out for when buying a new handbag?

Style over substance.

If you’re looking for a quick fashion fix – something that will instantly update your wardrobe but won’t break the bank then don’t get caught up with expensive fabrics such as leather. I am not saying you shouldn’t buy leather – just don’t reject leather-look fabrics such as PVC. Remember what is fashionable now, might be outdated in just a few months’ time. Think cheap and cheerful!

Practical choice.

If you are looking to purchase a practical handbag then before you pop to the shops think about the purpose of your bag – what do you need it for? Where are you going to be using it? If you are looking for a handbag that is to be used for the office and you would like it to last a fair while, then this is the time to consider leather. Leather is very hard-wearing and should last a long time if you take care. This is also the ideal choice for classic designs as it doesn’t ‘date’ as much as other fabrics and styles.

Animal-friendly & Eco-friendly choice.

If you are a strict vegetarian or a vegan then obviously leather is out of the question. The good news is that fabrics have come a long way over the years and many handbags made from PVC look almost identical to leather and are also very hard-wearing.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly bag, then opt for cotton – ideally organic cotton.

Unusual choice…

So ,you’re looking for something different? Something unusual that you can have a bit of fun with? Take a look at what’s in ‘vogue’ this season – and I am not talking about the magazine, I am talking catwalk…

Perhaps leopard print is all the rage this season? Or maybe the bag du jour is moc-croc or snakeskin handbag? Again, take a look both on the high-street and online – you’re bound to find handbags inspired by the latest designer offerings. Have fun with patterns and textures. Try to visualize what you will be wearing with the handbag and if you’re going for a brave style then don’t forget your confidence!


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