Hilary Clinton’s Sliding Ratings

Hilary Clinton’s Sliding Ratings

Many folks think that Obama actually has some sort of chance for the Presidential Democrat Nomination over Hilary Clinton, but that is so very unlikely it is not funny. For those who follow politics it should be obvious that Obama is going to crash hard, it is amazing that folks do not understand American Politics or review history. Hilary’s early poles show her above 40%, that’s plenty this early in the race.

The media builds you up and burns you down, this chaos and controversy incites and sells news advertisements. American Public loves it, like watching Survivor, but beware the Clinton Political Machine, The reality is that Obama, will end up sunk, like Howard Dean and so many others, heck the list is so long, well we will not get into that here. Still, you have to be kidding me if you think Hilary is not going to be our next President.

What about the Republicans?

As for Guiliani, he looks mean on TV, gansterish to middle America and that NY Style politics is not what the politically correct crowd in America wants and besides he doesn’t “look” presidential. He looks like a retired Mafia Man and he does not have enough campaign coffers to take on Hilary. What a silly debate this is.

Hilary Clinton is doing well marketing her brand as a “Passionate Centrist” whatever that means, so if she is talking a little to the right at leftist meetings, she is gaining not losing, beware the polls this early on – they do not mean squat until the fat lady sings, this race is just warming up it is a year until the election. Those who doubt the Clinton Political Machine will be run over by it, like a steamroller. This is real life, not fantasy, they are playing to win, you watch. Although I am not a supporter of Hilary, I am not stupid enough to believe she is not a formidable contender. Something Serious to Contemplate in 2008.

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