Hillary vs Obama

Hillary vs Obama

The main dominant figures in today’s elections that will define the following president in America history are Hillary Clinton from New-York and Barack Obama from Illinois . According to the latest results of votes Clinton won in 3 states: New-Hampshire, Nevada and Michigan , but Obama in Iowa and in the South Carolina . This election campaign looks like more battle than a race between these 2 candidates. With aggressive attitude to his wife’s rival the former president of the US Bill Clinton aggravates political atmosphere more and more. Behaving this way, he also blackens Hillary’s reputation in the eyes of voters. People become irritated because of his coarse interfering in Hillary’s election campaign. For example, while talking with Edward Kennedy on the phone, Bill Clinton even raised his voice trying to dictate that Edward should be in neutral attitude to Obama.

As to my own comments, I think thanks to their status each of candidates will remain in the history of America as a special page. Because in case if Hillary is elected she will be the first woman president of America , if Obama, then he will be the first black president. Beginning from November of 2008 new history of America will start.

As for my own opinion about who is most likely to be elected, I think in the course of the votes Barack Obama surpasses Hillary Clinton at two main moments:

  • The Kennedies, that is one of the most authoritative and respective families in America support him. During his speech in the American University , Edward Kennedy, brother of the late John Kennedy officially declared that he was seconding Obama’s candidature for president post. Caroline Kennedy, J. Kennedy’s daughter also on Obama’s side. In Sunday issue of the New York Times, she published her article dedicated to Obama with the title “A president like my father”. Edward Kennedy and most of his relatives are members of Democrat party. The Kennedies family is very influential in political arena of America , and their support will certainly increase Obama’s chance in this votes. In opinion of political scientists, though according to the survey among people he remains behind from Hillary Clinton, the support by Kennedies will increase his popularity among people.

  • The second moment that can play a role of no small importance is Obama’s viewpoint about Iraq issue. Though Hillary stresses that she was also against starting the Iraq war, Obama’s attitude to this problem is more definite and stable. He was always disapproving of Bush administration’s decision about starting the Iraq war. He thinks, the problem can be solved only in that case if USA tries to carry on dialogue with Iraq . Therefore, they suppose black Obama who is descended from Moslem family, will easily reconcile America with billions of Moslems.

Let’s not pass ahead of events. At any moment we might be a witness of turning-point. In any case, everything will clear up on the 5th February during votes in 22 states.

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