How Hillary Clinton Lost Her Lead

How Hillary Clinton Lost Her Lead

Once the clear cut front runner for the democratic Presidential nomination, Senator Hilary Clinton was expected to be the winner of the democratic nomination. However, Obama mania has swept the world, and put a halt to those expectations. Many people are now wondering how Senator Clinton’s campaign lost it’s lead.

Quite frankly, Senator Clinton has put together and orchestrated a magnificent campaign. Her platform, awareness of the issues, and her ability to get her message across was stellar. To continue, Senator Clinton had some of the best political strategists in the world on her team, name recognition, and great campaign financing to follow. Her campaign should be the envy of many past and future candidates.

Where did everything start to go wrong? Well, Senator Clinton’s campaign didn’t make a wrong turn anywhere. Their campaign moved forward steadily in an excellent manner throughout the duration of her campaign. However, the shift in momentum has occurred when Americans started to understand what exactly it is that they wanted.

To continue, what Americans are wanting is a change from the usual way of doing things. A change in how their government operates. In order for the next eight years in the United States to be different from the last eight years, Americans have to do something different than what they did in the year 2000 and 2004.

Despite the fact that Senator Clinton is a woman and would create a different type of dynamics in Washington D.C. as President, she still represents the same old business as usual model that Americans now want to get away from.

As a result, this has helped to open the door for Obama mania to run wild. Senator Barack Obama represents something drastically different from what Americans have seen before and Barack Obama as President would signify a complete change from the way business is handled in Washington D.C. and that is what Americans want.

While Senator Barack Obama’s campaign is fueled with the vision of “change”, his message on change is feeding the hungry appetites of Americans who are desperately seeking a huge transformation in their country. This is what has caused the surge in momentum for Barack Obama, and caused him to win the democratic nomination.

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