How to avoid CVS

How to avoid CVS

Computers are now some of the most widely used equipments in our daily lives. Most adults and kids know how to use computers and most of us have to work with computers all day long. It is true that these devices have really benefited us a lot in enhancing work efficiency. However, some problems also arise in the meantime. Our eyes may suffer to some extent if we use computers often. And many of us have suffered from computer-related vision problems


Computer-related vision problems are also called CVS, Computer Vision Syndrome. This phrase refers to eye problems caused by overuse of computer. It is found that words and pictures on computer screens are totally different from that on paper. We have to focus on the screen very hard so as to see clearly of it. However, our eyes seldom blink and just stare at the words on the screen. Blinking is the most effective for eyes to relax themselves and lubricate eye tissues. If it can not blink enough, eye will become dry and fatigued as a result.


What’s worse, we may also suffer from other physical problems if we sit all day long before computers. Our muscles, neck, shoulders, etc, will be greatly fatigued and stiffened or our blood flow will also be affected.


If we have certain eye problems, our vision might decline much faster if we use computer more. This is because our strained eyes will be much greatly fatigued and our vision decreases on and on. And CVS becomes much obvious and serious as a result.


On the whole, we may suffer from eye strain, fatigue, inability to focus, vision blurriness, headache, pain on neck and shoulder, etc, if we have CVS.


Luckily, we have some ideal resolutions. we should make sure that screen fits the lighting of the room; second, we should try to relax our eyes and bodies at certain interval; chair and monitors should be kept in a proper position; try to avoid glare in the work place, etc. Or computer glasses are also ideal alternatives sometime.


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