How to Know If a New Diet Will Actually Work for You

How to Know If a New Diet Will Actually Work for You
And while you can safely assume any plan that includes the words “cookie” or “miracle” is full of sh!t, trying to tackle every new diet trend would be an impossible task. Instead of naming names, here are three tips to help you figure out what actually …
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Why Your Heart Disease Risk May Not Be as High as You Think
Simply being older, for example, could push a person into higher risk territory that would warrant a statin prescription, even if this person ate a healthy diet, got plenty of exercise and wasn't overweight or hypertensive. So this raised serious …
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How to Quit Your Job and Travel for Two Years
She had a point, but I was much more worried about the financials of how we would bail out of society for two years and not end up begging in the streets of a foreign country. I was a magazine editor making less than $ 50,000 a year; she was a surf …
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