How to Play With the Big Boys on eBay

How to Play With the Big Boys on eBay

If you are anything like me you have tried just about everything to make a living online using eBay. You have tried selling junk that you had lying around the house, junk that you found at yard sales, tried selling ebooks and even tried drop shipping with little or no success. I know all too well the frustration and wondering why it seems that everyone else is making a killing online but you can’t seem to catch a break no matter what you try!

This is my story and it’s true. This is how I figured out how to compete with the big boys on Ebay and on the internet in general. It took some guts but out of sheer desperation I took a leap of faith and managed to hold off the bill collectors.

I do believe that once upon a time folks did make huge amounts of money doing drop shipping, which is a business model where you offer a product that is available through a company that will ship a product for you to your customer at a set price. All you have to do is sell the product well above that price, while taking into account membership fees and Ebay fees and so forth. The product arrives at the customers door looking as if it was shipped by you! Great deal, eh?! The only problem with this plan is that your profit margin tends to be rather small and can easily be eaten up by fees and so forth.

What if I told you that you could get very similar products at cut rate prices? That you could make 100 to 300 percent profit for each item you sell? That sounds like a better deal and less stressful, doesn’t it? What I am talking about is running your own small scale import business that you can start on a shoestring. You don’t have to have a warehouse or trucking company to start making a good profit for your effort and all you are doing is cutting out the middleman!

What I did was find a small niche product that, for some reason, wasn’t available in the United States. I wanted this product for my own personal need and after some research found that it was available and being manufactured in China. Unfortunately, it was only available in boxes of 100. It was then that a light bulb went off and my import business was launched! If I needed this product then surely others were searching for the same thing and I was right! And I was right enough that I managed, with one product, to catch up on all my bills and keep my house from being foreclosed on. Yes, that is how bad things were for me… but not anymore and if I can do it, you can too!  

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