How to Use eBay To Grow Your Other Businesses

How to Use eBay To Grow Your Other Businesses

Most of the people who make money using eBay don’t actually make so much money on eBay. There are all sorts of ways you can use eBay to give your existing businesses some help.

The provision Side.

When you have any leftover stock or used items from another business you take, then why not sell them on eBay? You can make vid regular thing, deploying it to eliminate things that won’t sell for that premium you may well ask for inside a shop, or things that will widely used inside town or city where your company is based.

You can really make lots of money by doing this, once you learn what you’re doing. You will, naturally, already be an authority inside items you’re selling, as they have been used as part of your business, and you’ll realize that those items are of high enough quality for being sellable. This is a completely marketplace for your old inventory!

Not only that, obviously, fresh fruits that your particular good eBay reputation will make you a great buyer! If there’s ever anything to obtain for ones business, the chances are you’ll can get it on eBay for a discount.

The Sales Side.

Here, though, is the place the power of eBay lies. eBay provide you with an ‘About Me’ page, where one can write what you like and link anywhere you prefer. Which means you may get people to your business’ website by linking internet out of your About Me page and linking to your About Me page from each auction.

To make an About Me page, follow on on ‘Community’ around the toolbar, scroll for the bottom in the page, and click on ‘Create an About Me page’. Then you definitely obtain the option to either enter your own personal HTML or let eBay make suggestions with the process. All you must do is write slightly about your web site, connection to it, and you’re done – you’ll recognize that lots more people start arrive at your website immediately.

You’ll find thousands of people which recommend this technique to operate a vehicle traffic from eBay thus to their website – if we do persuasive sales copy on the site, it is said, you can sell straight away to buyers, cutting out the eBay middleman. What’s more, all of the traffic you’ll get are going to be targeted – because the people who click through were considering your auction to start with.

This can be a really powerful technique, especially if you’ve already got an e-commerce site. Even though you haven’t, often it worth your time and energy to put together a web site that does just list your eBay inventory with some dollars off each item, using a PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button for every item. Then simply make the link for your About Me page read ‘Visit my website for even more bargains!’, and you’re done.

Seeing that you’ve seen the way to drive visitors aimed at your website, maybe you’d just like a little help having your auction facing buyers. That’s why our next email will reveal the tricks of taming the eBay search results.

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