I see bubbles bursting everywhere: Yale's Mansharamani

I see bubbles bursting everywhere: Yale's Mansharamani
Deflationary tides are lapping the shores of countries across the world and financial bubbles are set to burst everywhere, Vikram Mansharamani, a lecturer at Yale University, told CNBC on Thursday. "I think it all started with the China investment …
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China's New Age of Economic Anxiety
Over the years, state control of China's economy has alternately fuelled both a stock-market bubble and a real-estate one; there are signs that the latter is bloating once again. Credit Photograph by Liu jiang / Imaginechina via AP. At China's most …
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Relaxed RBA plays wait and see on economy
So what about all the talk around the Big Short here in Australia and how a hedge fund manager and an economist met with mortgage brokers and concluded the housing bubble is worse than the two of them had thought? The RBA simply said: "supervisory …
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