Intimus S16.87 11.8mm Industrial Shredder Baler System Review

Intimus S16.87 11.8mm Industrial Shredder Baler System Review
For extremely high capacity needs, a large quantity of waste is created. The Intimus S16.87 solves that problem by combining a data shredder with a baler for immediate compression of shredded material. Powerful mechanics and strong blades work together to bring you an efficient way to dispose of all your sensitive material. This machine is both strong as well as convenient to use. Let’s take a closer look at the S16.87 11.8mm shredder.

Simple operation is controlled by a few, easy to understand controls. A locking main key switch turns on the power. Large push buttons for forward, stop, and reverse offer clear use. Indicator lights keep the user apprised of the machine’s current status. In the unlikely even of a paper jam, reverse kicks in automatically to clear the blades and then restarts the shredding process for you. A convenient conveyor belt feed system slides items into the machine and provides a large workspace to store papers or other items.
Safety features help you avoid any accidental injuries. If you lean over to reach the blades while they are running, a wide emergency stop bar will instantly cut power to the motor. The bar stretches across the front of the device and is pressure activated to prevent ties or fingers from getting caught in the cutting cylinders. Additional safety switches are located around the machine for further precautions.
The blades are powered by a continuous duty motor and carry a five year guarantee. Parts and labor are covered by a one year warranty. The engine also has a motor protection device to prevent overheating.
A wide 20 inch throat accepts up to 450 sheets and will also shred credit cards, CDs, and DVDs. Items are devoured as fast as 50 feet per minute with a total output of around 1800 pounds per hour. Unreadable strips are collected in the compression chamber of the baler. Materials can be fed at the same time as the baler is working; both run continuously and simultaneously.
The baler itself is a huge bonus. Waste volume is reduced by up to 70 percent. Shredded material is compressed by an 8 ton hydraulic press into around 5-8 bales per hour. Non-shredded waste can be added to the bale via locking door on the top of the machine. Bales are easily ejected by push button directly into a plastic bag for dust free removal and storage.

Weighing well over one ton, this is a heavy piece of machinery. Fortunately the designers thought of this and mounted casters on the bottom. Though this will aid in relocating the machine if needed, it will still be heavy to wheel around.
The thin strips created only earn a level one security rating. While this is adequate for generic shredding, those businesses with sensitive material to destroy may prefer one of the higher security, cross cut versions of this model.
Overall, the Intimus S16.87 is an excellent paper destruction system. With its sturdy blades and powerful motor, everything is easily devoured and compacted into convenient bundles. Automatic and safety features offer easy, safe use. We highly recommend this device for your next industrial shredder.

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