'ISIS planting bombs inside copies of Koran'

'ISIS planting bombs inside copies of Koran'
Steve Warren, a spokesman for the coalition against ISIS, explained that the Islamic State is losing ground and has therefore taken to to more desperate methods of carrying out terrorist attacks. “These guys are disgusting, they have left bombs in …
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Origins of ISIS bomb parts revealed in report
Most components come from companies in Turkey and Iraq, probably because of their close proximity to the ISIS group's self-proclaimed caliphate. But the procurement network stretches to 20 countries, with some parts originating as far away as the …
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ISIS Father Sends Son to Commit Suicide Bombing in New Video
An ISIS militant shows Omari how to drive the vehicle and detonate the explosives. The footage ends purporting to show the boy, who looks no older than 12, carrying out the explosion in the distance against Syrian regime forces north of the embattled …
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