It is March Madness

It is March Madness
Now that the economy has rebound and the weather is bouncing back, many folks are traveling to the car lot looking to replace their car. The process is not all that easy even with a good game plan.  As soon as a potential buyer is spotted in the lot, the whole sales team descends on them and puts on the full court press. They form a circle around them and have a jump ball to determine who will go one on one with the person.

When the person finally does find a car they want to buy, they have to then enter into contract negotiations with the car dealer. That is where the buyer makes an offer and the salesperson asks if there is a trade-in.  When there is not going to be a trade-in, the pressure really begins. That is when the salesperson leaves the room and the substitute, who is otherwise known as the sales manager comes charging in. Now, the game really gets very intense with each side vying for the best position and the rest of the sales people cheering from the sidelines.  The sales manager screams that he has to pay his players or he will have to cut one of them from the roster. After several overtimes, a winner emerges. The winner is usually the car dealer.  The entire process is a technical foul.

If the answer is yes there is a trade-in, the salesperson will go check out the car. That is when, they will really go the offense and start trash
talking about the car by saying the car won’t drive much longer, has scratches in the paint, a tires’ rim is shot, etc. It is a bunch of dribble. The tip-off is that the amount they will offer for the trade-in is usually out of bounds. Certainly, one choice for dealing with the soon to be not needed car is to throw-in the towel and just accept the deal.

Another option for what to do with an unwanted car is to sell it out right. To do that, however, requires advertising it and the prices they are charging for that are the height of offense. If the car is on the disabled list because it will not turn over or it has an injury to its body, it might be difficult to sell. In addition, there has to be a place on the roster to keep it while it is waiting to become a member of a different team.

The third option for what to do with an unwanted car is probably the best one. That is to donate car to charity.  This is the ultimate three point play. The donor gets the car off the court, they get a valuable tax break and they assist a charity.  Many charities gladly let a person donate car that is second string. They sell them and use the proceeds from the sale to help fund their programs. Car donation is a slam dunk for everyone. The donor is left feeling like the most valuable player at the big dance.

Karen Campese is the Co-founder and CEO of Cars4Charities, a not for profit car donation center. They have over 1,000 respected charities that you can donate car to. When you donate your car, you get a tax deduction and help a good cause.

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