Jay Leno vs. Conan O’brien – The Tonight Show dilemma

Jay Leno vs. Conan O’brien – The Tonight Show dilemma

The big battle going down on late night TV right now is Jay Leno vs Conan O’Brien. In 1992, Johnny Carson said goodbye to a faithful audience that had watched him for 30 years. Jay Leno hosted the Tonight Show for only 17 years before handing the reins over to Conan O’Brien last may.

NBC and television and media in general are in a crisis. With the internet and free content giving people ACTUAL OBJECTIVE OPINIONS, big media can’t compete with their current business model. It seems an attempt to boost ratings to bring Jay Leno back.. Inevitably, this means either giving Conan O’Brien the boot or pushing him to a much less desired time slot.

Many are saying that Jay Leno is screwing over Conan O’Brien, and in this situation I’d have to agree. Jay left the tonight show to pursue a new original show on another network. Whether his ratings are down, he’s not getting paid enough, or his new show just doesn’t have the ring “The Tonight Show” has, Jay is trying to take back the pokemon card he fairly traded to Conan.

The debate rages on inside NBC and between Conan and Jay… but we want to know what you think! Who should host The Tonight Show, Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien? Which host would you rather watch?

Jay Leno had this to say about the dilemma:

“”There’s never been any tension between Conan and (me). Between the network? Yeah, probably a little bit. But, look, Conan is my friend. We’ve been friends a long time. Do you know something? American television, it’s football. Whoever controls the ball controls the game. When you play, that’s how you play. Somebody asked, will there be booking wars between you and Conan? No. Will we fight like cats and dogs to book guests? Yes. I mean, I have to go to my General Motors analogy. When General Motors had separate divisions like Buick and Oldsmobile and they each made their own engine, that’s when those companies were strong, because Buick would come out with something and Oldsmobile would go, ‘We’ve got to come out with a motor, bigger, stronger, faster.’ And then they would come out with something, and they would be the leader. Then Cadillac would come in. Each one developed their stuff under the same umbrella, and it was a strong company that had 72 per cent of the market.” -vancouversun

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