Jintan Garment Industry Under Adverse Growth – China Lug Butterfly Valve – Gate Valve

Jintan Garment Industry Under Adverse Growth – China Lug Butterfly Valve – Gate Valve

First half of 2009, in the face of financial crisis, in Jiangsu Province Jintan economic growth of 8% of GDP, fiscal revenue increased 37%, the size of the main indicators of industrial growth in 48%. In the recently held 2009 China Jintan garment export high-level forum, the committee secretary Fang Jintan showed the way a group of strong economic growth data. This undoubtedly shows that the city in a crisis of their economic well-run trend. However, with “China’s export of garment manufacturing city,” the reputation of the gold altar, its garment industry and how is a situation? It in the future will be how to develop?

Hi to achieve the “five” growth

Jintan Apparel Merchants Association, according to general statistics, in the first half of Jintan 6.4 billion garment industry production value, sales income of 6.2 billion, increase the value of 1.4 billion, total profit and tax of 450 million yuan, of which profit of 260 million yuan, respectively, over last year’s Over the same period an increase of 9%, 9%, 11%, 4.5% and 1%.

Fang Qiang, said: “With excellent craftsmanship and advanced technology and equipment as well as a good reputation within the industry, coupled with inter-industry interaction, interdependence and common development, Jintan textile and garment industry is still in crisis situations obtained a good development. “

According to Fang Qiang introduced Jintan textile and garment exports in 2008 amounted to 500 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 48% of the city’s exports, accounting for scale textile and garment enterprises output 33.5%, in overseas markets throughout the European Union, Japan, Korea and other 50 countries and regions . The city’s leading enterprises Morrowind group is currently working with the United States, Japan and other places more than 10 world-renowned brands to cooperate in 2008, its exports to Japan ranks third nationwide.

In fact, as early as 80 years in the last century, along with reform and opening up, gold altar clothing industry have already started to boom in the 90’s into the 21st century, the golden altar in order to create various types of clothing as the main body, using OEM processing and to build its own brand of simultaneous way, greatly speed up structural adjustment. At present, Jintan shape of garment export manufacturing, formal, fashion, casual wear, sports equipment and other products for children featuring sets printing and dyeing, embroidery, and processing capacity of supporting an extension of the industry chain cluster as a whole, the textile and garment industry is also to become the city’s pillar industries. At the same time, the city also has the “China Sourcing Apparel Industry Base”, “Chinese textile and garment industry Social Responsibility Management System Pilot Area”, “Jiangsu Garment City” and many other flash cards.

Worries exports have declined year on year

In the global financial crisis, a large environment, the golden altar textile and garment industry is also inevitably be affected.

From Jintan Economic and Trade Council and the Jintan clothing, prepared jointly with the industry associations, “Jintan clothing (textile) industry development report” shows: From the second half of last year, this year in July, the city has closed 61 garment enterprises stop production in the first half of this year exports 140 million U.S. dollars, down 16%.

The report also shows that the current Jintan apparel industry is faced with many new and old problems: First, reduced orders, price drop, shortening delivery time is 2 its liquidity problems, the SME loans, exchange rate flexibility is a three shortage of labor resources, local textile and garment industry workers engaged in fewer and fewer four minority business survival is at stake, the right to the weak price of language, the issue of whether the orders on the horns of a dilemma, companies are reluctant to invest five pressure reduced, the project small, small investment, the lack of sustained development.

In this regard, Fang Qiang deals forthrightly with the financial crisis on Jintan garment industry to bring such a negative impact but he believes that the financial crisis is also a big opportunity for baptism. “Only in line with industrial policies and market demand, and the innovative ability of the enterprise to have more vitality and competitiveness. Therefore, adjust the structure, innovation and transformation is Jintan the only way for the sustainable development of textile and garment industry.”

Be turned into clothing industrial city

With the industry restructuring and upgrading, Jintan obviously not satisfied with “fly-by China’s export garment manufacturing city”, which has a more long-term objective, that is, by 2020, the city’s garment industry will try to reach 30 billion yuan sales revenue become the “city of Chinese garment industry.”

For this goal, Jintan has a certain basis in reality.

Jintan run from the current situation of garment industry, textile and garment enterprises in the city’s existing 799, of which 460 garment enterprises 5 million annual sales of more than 168 enterprises, 21 enterprises of which a hundred million, employing 62000 people, an annual output of various types of clothing 380 million (sets).

Now Jintan has already formed a Morrowind Group, Lee Bu Swiss company, into the industry, apparel companies, Boshi Man Co., Ltd., represented by a number of key clothing enterprises, and this led to the common development of other enterprises.

At present, Jintan textile and garment industry of the manufacturing process and technical equipment levels are higher than 60%-scale enterprises have established their own R & D center and proofing Center, 102 enterprises through ISO9002 quality certification, eight enterprises ISO14001 International Environmental Quality system certification, 10 companies CSC9000T social responsibility through the re-evaluation and acceptance. In November 2008, Jintan, China Textile Industry Association awarded “China’s textile and garment Corporate Social Responsibility Management System CSC9000T’10 +100 +1000′ project advanced group” title.

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