John J Pershing – A Military Icon

John J Pershing – A Military Icon

John J. Pershing Trivia should be interesting to anyone who has an interest in American military history, as he is one of the most significant figures in the history of the armies of this country. John J. Pershing held the highest rank that any living soldier has ever held, the “General of the Armies”. However, did you know that in 1976, congress passed an act which changed the fact that he was the highest ranking soldier to ever have lived? In the interest of reverence for the founding father, the act stated that no solider in the history or future of the country would ever be considered to outrank George Washington.

You might not just find questions about John J. Pershing on a quiz about his life and times. Did you know that in addition to his own military prowess, (mostly displayed during World War I) he was also the primary mentor behind the great military minds of World War II, such as Patton, Eisenhower, Bradley, and Marshall? His influence extended far beyond his own military campaigns, and can be seen in almost every major American military action since the end of his active services.

John J. Pershing Trivia must extend beyond the list of his triumphs and achievements, and include facts about his early life. As many of the greatest soldiers have been, he was a West Point cadet, enrolling at the academy in 1882. He rose quickly through the ranks, and became First Captain which, for a cadet at the academy, was the highest rank possible. As befitted his rank he was a part of the honor guard at the funeral of President Grant.

Pershing served in many military campaigns. He fought against the apache, and became known as one of the most accurate shooters in the entire army. He put down Sioux uprising, and was present at Wounded Knee. He also spent time as a military instructor until returning to active duty.

John Pershing also served in the Spanish American and Philippine American wars, and in 1903 Theodore Roosevelt began to lobby for his promotion. In 1905, due to the hold ups which had delayed Pershing’s promotion, Roosevelt surprised everyone by using his presidential powers to promote Pershing directly to the rank of brigadier general. In World War I, Pershing would become the commander of the armies from 1917 until 1918. It was in 1919 that he was promoted to the rank of General of the Armies of the United States.

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