John Kasich has the best chance of beating a Democrat

John Kasich has the best chance of beating a Democrat
Trump has won 736 of the 1,237 delegates he would need to clinch the GOP nomination in the first round. Cruz has 463 and Kasich 143. But Trump's the weakest of the three remaining Republicans going into November, the poll showed, losing 47-35 percent …
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Who are the people determined to vote for John Kasich?
“Kasich has my attention,” said this voter, a Democrat. “He has a positive campaign, a positive message,” said Mike Singer, a 54-year-old unemployed former ad salesman from Ravenswood, Illinois. “He is the only one who can unite us. I'm tired of …
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Can John Kasich stop Donald Trump? Ohio Politics Roundup
But crossover voting is allowed: "If you're an Ohio Democrat who wants to vote for Donald Trump – or try to stop Trump's momentum by casting a ballot for John Kasich – you can,"'s Jackie Borchardt writes. "Ohio's primary Tuesday is semi-open.

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