Justice Scalia, a Law School and Diversity of Thought

Justice Scalia, a Law School and Diversity of Thought
The death of Justice Antonin Scalia has set off a debate at the Georgetown University law school about the appearance of institutional endorsements and intellectual diversity. Some professors are criticizing the law school for a statement on Scalia's …
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Hillary's debate desire: DNC rolls over now that she wants more Bernie bashing
I'm all for more debates, given that journalists get to question the candidates, though a certain fatigue can set in. And I know that front-runners often try to avoid or at least minimize the number of debates, rather than share the spotlight with a …
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Trump top debate target after Romney calls him 'phony'
Mitt Romney's extensive criticisms of the billionaire will be at the forefront as the debate convenes at 9 p.m. Eastern time in the state where Romney grew up. The former Massachusetts governor and private equity executive, in a deeply personal speech …
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