Karen Pryor

Karen Pryor

Does the name karen pryor ring a bell? Well, if you don’t know her, then it seems that you are not into animal training. What does she have to do with animal training then? You’ll get to find that one as you read along this article, and you’ll get to know how she becomes related to animal training.

Karen Pryor is one big name in animal training. She is known to be a marine mammal biologist, and she has been able to infuse her knowledge about animals with psychology in coming up with an effective way to train animals. She has been an advocate of Skinner’s psychological theory, and she has managed to apply this one to her method of training animals. According to this psychology of operant conditioning, positive stimulants are needed for the mind and the body to function well and effectively. This is what Karen Pryor has been using in her training methodology called the clicker training. It is really surprising that with her innovation, she was able to train animals from birds to dogs, cats, and even dolphins and seals. Through the clicking sound of a simple clicker device, these animals were able to follow whatever is being told them to do. The psychology behind it is very simple following Skinner’s theory because the clicking sound is the stimulant that leads to a reward after doing an action that is being asked for them to be done by the trainer. That really makes it easy for the trainer and the animal; the trainer doesn’t get stressed and the animal is not forced to do the action. That’s one great thing about Karen Pryor’s innovation.

With her innovation in training the animals, everyone can now be a trainer for his or her pet at home. Karen pryor really made a difference as far as training animals is concerned, and she was able to prove to us that training animals is not that difficult after all because what one only needs to have is a clicking device and the patience to train the pet, and everything will be possible with clicker training.

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