Knee Rehab

Knee Rehab

Recovering from any type of injury is usually a painful and frustrating experience, particularly if you normally enjoy a very active lifestyle. For those that jog, mountain bike, rollerblade, ski or snowboard, knee injuries can be a common but unfortunate result of your chosen hobby.

Rehabilitation after a severe knee injury can be a slow process as your knees are at the center of your mobility. Forget for just a second and take that unaided step and you could find yourself right back at the beginning of your recovery. Patience can be hard to come by when you’re use to lots of activity but it is a must if you expect regular improvement.

Once you are well on your way to independent mobility, you’ll want to scale back your normal activities until you are back to 100%. An excellent way to achieve this while still being able to exercise is to move your desired activity into the water. The natural buoyancy experienced in aquatic therapy will cushion your injury while still being able to provide a challenging workout. Aquatic Therapy can include water aerobics, whirlpool stretching, laps, or even a water treadmill. Popularity of equipment like the water treadmill has skyrocketed in recent years in residential applications. No longer just for the elite within the athletic world, more and more non professionals are seeing the benefits both regularly and after an injury. This increase in demand has made this type of rehabilitative equipment for more cost friendly than in previous years which is great news for every part time athlete or sports enthusiast.

Rehab doesn’t have to take forever as long as you understand your limitations and give yourself the proper time to heal. Pushing too hard too fast will simply stretch out the process and make it far more difficult than it actually needs to be. If you do it right the first time you will stand a far lesser chance of reinjure.

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