Laiwu The Formation Of New Materials, “three Leading” Industrial Chain

Laiwu The Formation Of New Materials, “three Leading” Industrial Chain

Since the Laiwu the country’s new materials industry base listing inception, Laiwu new material-based high-tech industry has shown a good development momentum, has been preliminarily formed in Laiwu Steel, the Thai steel as the lead, 10 key enterprises of new materials as the support, to high-tech zones, Yinshan Industrial Park, Thai Industrial Park, Steel Park as a carrier of the three major characteristics, in order to H-beam, powder metallurgy, new building materials chain, focusing on the three leading industries of the industrial development pattern.

New Material Industrial Cluster projects, businesses, products, more and more. From the recent situation, Laiwu City, has introduced new materials, project 215, implementation of new materials science and technology projects at the provincial level or above 75, 216 technological transformation projects. Completion of the annual output of 2 million tons of large H-beam, 80,000 tons powder metallurgy, 400,000 square meters of new building materials, 4 million tonnes of concrete water reducer, 500,000-ceramic composite tool materials, such as nearly new items. The development of new materials enterprises above designated size 50, first half of 2005 production value of 21.48 billion yuan, accounting for above-scale industrial output value of 75.5%; the development of 35 high-tech enterprises above the provincial level, of which 25 enterprises and new materials; in the city included in statistics The 70 high-tech products, new materials, class projects reached 56, accounting for 80% of the total number of high-tech products.

Of new materials industry, the scale of development is growing. From the situation of the first half of 2005, the city’s high-tech industry output value 1.521 billion yuan, of which the new materials industry production value of 1.06 billion yuan, accounting for up to 70%; high-tech product output value 2.455 billion yuan, of which the output value of new materials products 21.8 billion, accounting for up to 89%. It can be said, and new materials industry has truly become Laiwu high-tech industries in the pillar industries. Judging from the current structure of industrial development, has formed a “three-led” industrial chain: First, Laiwu Steel as a leader, Thai steel, TEDA garage, such as 71 Takayasu Steel processing enterprises matched H-section steel, strip steel production, processing chain. The city’s steel production capacity to 200 million tons of other related products production and processing capacity 50 million tons; Second, Laiwu Steel Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. as a leader, a new art, SAIC Venture, New South, stone and other 24 enterprises as the backbone of the Powder production and processing industrial chain. The city’s flour milling, workpiece production and processing capacities of up to 10 million tons, 50 million tons, respectively, in 2004 annual output of 6 million tons, 3000 tons; 3 is Luguang new building materials as a leader, Wang Qiang, gold orange, etc. 32-related enterprises to add new building materials industry chain. The city has formed two million square meters of the three board production capacity.

Environment for the development of new materials industry is getting better. From the hard environment, whether it is high-tech zones, Yinshan Industrial Park, Thai Steel Industrial Park, or the existing features more than 20 parks, all have a good load of industries and projects in incubation function; from the government environment, the environment is Laiwu lifeline has been developed at all levels and all departments to form a consensus, service efficiency, service quality has been high; from the policy environment, Laiwu City, has issued a series of high-tech zones to speed up scientific and technological innovation system, promoting high-tech industries, strengthen human resources to introduce and increase scientific and technological incentives to support preferential treatment, financial investment is also increasing year by year, the environment better and better.

Laiwu new material base for industrial development and construction planning

(A) The general idea

Market-oriented, with new materials industry, as the objective, overall planning, and steady development; their advantage, and highlight key points; production and research combined with a sound innovation system, improve innovation mechanisms and foster a number of new materials industry groups to build a rational layout Laiwu , with continuous innovation, incubation capacity, low power, highly efficient new materials industry base.

(B) Base layout and construction goals

Base Layout: based on new materials, Laiwu City, the status quo and future business development plans, it is proposed Laiwu City into a “one center, five industries, an industrial park” in the new material base for the pattern. “A center” that the new material base for business center; “five industries,” namely, powder metallurgy industry, construction of new materials industry, polymer materials and fine chemical industry, Fe-Al Intermetallic materials industries, the magnetic materials industry; “a Industrial Park “that is, new material industrial park.

New material base for the Business Opportunity Center is located in Shandong in the street culture, roads and interchanges, design construction area of 20000m2, the results of new materials based incubators, technology training center, data center, technology trade center.

Powder metallurgy powder metallurgy industry, relying on Laiwu Steel Group Co., Ltd., Laiwu Xinyi Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. and other enterprises regulation of construction; construction of new materials industry, relying on Laiwu Luguang planning and construction of new building materials Co., Ltd.; polymer materials and fine relying on chemical industry wen he Chemical Co., Ltd. Laiwu, Laiwu City, Zhenhua company, Laiwu resin plant planning and construction; Fe-Al Intermetallic Materials Industry relying on Yang Industrial Co., Ltd. Shandong, 9, Shandong Taishan Iron & Steel Co., the planning and construction; Magnetic Materials Torru in the metallurgical and mining industry, according to the company, Wen-yang city social welfare planning and construction of chemical plants and other enterprises.

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